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Be happy, be bright, be YOU!

This is my all time favorite quote at the time found from Sugarpaper. I love it! It has been my desktop background for months, assuring to be a constant reminder each morning when I wake and start my day.

You may wonder, why do I love it so much? I believe it is a short and simple quote that includes so much behind each word. Let me tell you why... 

Happiness: The true meaning of life. If this comes from being loved, or having a successful career, a safe home, children; all of us deserve true joy and happiness each day. What makes you happy? Coming home after a long day of work and seeing your family? Meeting your goals at work? The laugh of your child? A puppy snuggle? Whatever it is, don't take it for granted. I remind myself that I so lucky to feel this joy inside my soul. & when I'm anxious or stressed and not feeling as happy, I can quickly think of all of my blessings and turn it right around. 

Bright: To be bright. To be thoughtful. To teach others. To learn from others. To speak and be heard, listen to others & learn. If you listen carefully each day you can take something away from someone else that can make you brighter, more thoughtful; a better person. I believe this allows you to believe in yourself to make your life feel more valuable. I met a long time friend for dinner last night and just listening to what was going on in his life made me self reflect on my own. Talking to him made me want to be a better person. Volunteer more, get out and do more, even meditate. Learning through others can brighten up our lives, if we really take a moment to listen. 

You: Individuality is one of God's greatest gifts. We are all so different and it is beautiful. My whole middle and high school life I tried to conform to groups; to achieve social status. I see this everyday at the school I teach as well. At the time, I just wanted to be accepted by others. I bought similar brands of clothing, was interested in similar hobbies and mimicked interest in trendy music groups. Never would I have told anyone that wasn't really close to me that Enya is the music that warms my soul. How embarrassing, then! Now, as I am growing into an adult, I realize it is awesome to be different. It is so neat to have your own passions, style, drive and motivation. I enjoy things similar to others, of course!!, but also am not afraid of being myself. This has taken awhile for me to feel this way. Especially living in this society of constant social media comparison and body image pressure. Finally, I realize I do not want to change anything about who I am. I am happy to be me. 

This week I started completing a little journal at night that reflects on my daily happenings that relate to my 2015 goals. I log when I see a friend for dinner or head to the suburbs to visit my family. I write down when I run or go to yoga, my meal plan made for dinner. I jot down when I read the bible or spend a few minutes relaxing with my book club book. It really has been a great way to remind myself it is so important to be happy, be bright, and be me. 

Happy weekend, lovelies! 


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