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New Year, New Me - Resolutions for 2015

I know that I'm a little late to be posting about my new years resolutions that should have started exactly 11 days ago. Truthfully, I thought, should I even post about this topic, as I am so tardy? What will people think? I then realized, should I be caring about others judging me? Should that be a reason that I don't spend time reflecting on how to create a better me this year? & my answer is no. I am doing this selfishly for me. & you know what, yes I am late! I'm always late! To me, 'better late than never' crosses my mind on a semi-regular basis. That's just me. Ask my mom, she knows I'm never on time. & she loves me anyway. 

 To write down what I would like to change about how I'm currently living my life and my goals and aspirations that I'd love to achieve while I'm living this little life is something that will help me get there. It will hold me accountable for striving to be a better person, better teacher, sister, daughter and wife. These little goals will help me live a better quality of life and to be happier.  These goals are for me

1. Don't worry about being judged. 
If you are reading this, you know that 6 months ago I have started this whole fashion blog thing. Truthfully, I had no idea about the blogging world when I began this new endeavor. I have always enjoyed browsing through blogs, mostly found from Pinterest, but I have never subscribed to a blog, or even follow a blog regularly. I definitely had not A clue as to how to create a blog. The bloggers that have a flawless & beautiful blog layout and manage time to write a daily post, boy do I give you credit. It is hard work! Anyways, although this little blog of mine is a work in progress, I have learned a lot during this process. Some photoshop here, some widgets, some coding there. I have to say I can lightly pat myself on the back for a second and think, these are things I didn't know before I started this. Although creating a blog that is up to my standards has been challenging, and finding the time to blog with a super busy life is tough, I will say these are not the hardest parts for me. The most challenging part of this new little fashion blogging thing is the constant worry of, what do people think of me? Do my friends and family think I'm narcissistic? They may wonder why I complain about being constantly busy but I find the time to do this? Some days I wonder, should I be doing this at all? Other days, I say no. I like this. It is a creative outlet for me to put together outfits and colors and patterns. & hell, this is an expression of me. Don't get me wrong, I don't ever want to change the way people view me. I just hope that those people that may wonder what the heck I'm doing realize it is something that I truly enjoy. & that they know me enough to love me in the same. & just maybe, I hope to inspire a little color or a mix of patterns into their lives too . ;) 

2. Find time for myself
Those that know me personally have known that the last few months/year actually have been tough on my mental health. I feel that I am constantly stressed, overworked, maybe a little burnt out and always worried about what things that I have to do next. If it's not school, it's chores and errands. Never can I just relax. I know that most of this is due to my Type A personality and the way I strive to always do things perfectly. These are things I can't completely change but I know now that I have to find time to make some small changes to de-stress. To live a happier and more satisfying life. I am in charge of my own happiness (thanks, Mom)! 

Here are a few things that I have come up with to help me get there: 
a. Reading & not just in the summer (& to do so I'm joining a book club to hold me accountable)! As a teacher it is so difficult for me to put away my grading to do some personal reading at night. I love reading but feel it selfish during the year. Realizing that I read one book a year at this rate on a beach during my summer vacation is a terrible realization. How embarrassing! So... I am going to dedicate time reading a new book every month. Anyone have good book suggestions? Oh, & p.s. I'm off to a good start! I started & finished a book since 2015. I even stayed up this past Friday night (& Fridays I'm normally asleep on the couch by 9) until 1am to finish the book, ending in deep sobs. Love when a book can get me like that. What have I been missing? 

b. Yoga (yoga speaks to my soul and is my very best reflection place). Nick always tells me that I need to find 10 minutes a day to clear my mind and think about nothing. I honestly get stressed even beginning to think of doing this because my mind is constantly moving... which is not healthy. I need to take advantage of my gym right down my street and enjoy the hour on the yoga mat. 

c. Creativity -  I also thought that being a teacher would allow me to be creative everyday. Now, reflecting on this preconceived notion, I have realized that there is way more paperwork and behind the scenes to do's for teachers that don't require me to use my creativity skills as often as hoped. Something I realized in the profession that I wasn't taught in college. So, that means it is up to me to fulfill the desire to be creative myself. Crafting, as dorky as it sounds, is something I have always loved to do. My wedding was full of DIY! Being creative allows me to take a break from the stresses of life and it's a great satisfaction to look at a finished DIY project. I am signing up for a calligraphy class in 2015 to start. Showers, engagement parties and weddings are on the horizon so I'm excited to put all of my Pinterest projects to good use!  Dinner parties also allow me to be creative. A tea party is in the process of being planned when the weather gets a little warmer. 

3. Improve on my faith
I have been raised faithful in a Catholic family. I have married a Catholic man. We practice faithful things; go to church on most Sundays (I will admit that we have been terrible lately), we say Grace before dinner, say prayers when we are thankful or nervous. I at times realize that I am sometimes just going through the motions. I want to be a Godly woman and wife. I want to delve deeper into my faith so that when I bring a child into this world it will be easy for them to follow my example of true and honest faith. To do this, I will attend church every Sunday, and make it a priority. I will read the bible, for the first time. I will apply God into my daily life. I will volunteer and give back. I will be ever so thankful for all of my blessings. 

4. Be healthier
Isn't this everyone's resolution? I hate feeling left out. So here it goes, Nick and I eat pretty well. We love to cook and meal plan. Going to Whole Foods is a date for us, truly. We pick recipes that are healthful. Could we improve? Absolutely but my real goal is to be more physically active. After the half marathon, I stopped running. Completely. From training for months to nothing...I have anxiety to begin again, realizing how out of shape I have become. I find every excuse in the world to not make it to the gym. Grading, I'm starving, I just ate, I have so much to do around the house. No. Done. No more of that. I have to take time each day. Nick even purchased a fit bit for my birthday, I think it's time to bust that out. (Can I admit I'm scared)? EEK. 

5. Be present
Social media is addicting. Especially when I have an iphone on me at all times to check my three different emails, my Instagram accounts, Twitter, Facebook, oh then there is Pinterest, Zillow, oh how I love Snapchat. & when am I not texting someone about something? Nick is so patient. & kind. & honest. He calls me out that I need to take a break from my phone, just put it down, he will say. I, of course, am initially defensive, "I haven't looked all day, I was working"! But deep down, I know he is right. Nothing is more important than social interaction. To be present in the life of those that truly love me is so much more than how many Instagram likes I have received today on my silly, non important  #teacherstyle fashion post. So, 2015- I'm alllll yours. Get ready! 

I'll end by asking, what are your resolutions? Do you have ideas that you are implementing to live a happier, healthier life or to better yourself as a person in this crazy world we live in?  If you haven't had a chance to think about it yet, as I would say... it's better late than never ;) 

Cheers to a happy & healthy 2015 & a better version of me!


  1. Love this! What is the name of the book? Motivation with your little personal touch for a great new year!

    1. You & Me by Jojo Moyes. It was the book we were reading in our book club! Feb is already upon us and I have to say January was a positive and delightful month! Can't wait for month 2 in 2015!

  2. Cheers to a healthy 2015!

  3. Thanks so much! The book is called Ordinary Grace by William Kent Krueger :) I have read two books since Jan 1, and going strong!


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