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Married Monogram

What is a monogram? A monogram tells a story. It says in traditionally three simple letters that represent who you are as an individual; what your name stands for. It may share the name of your child. Or, it may express the commitment of two people to each other in a new little family, a new type of monogram to me; married monogram. Whichever the monogram means to you, it is special and unique. Which is why I would monogram everything if I could! 

So here's the story behind the bag: I received this cute little tote from a coworker and I will admit to you that as I pulled the bag out of the wrapping, I thought she made a mistake with my initials! This tote did not read, MAB! Did I receive someone else's? I quickly smiled (while probably looking slightly confused), but she quickly explained to me, it was indeed my married monogram. I had no idea there was such a thing! I love it! It's even more special to me than my obsessive amounts of my own initials on too many monogrammed items. 

Funny side note- I brought this gift home from work and Nick says, "Hey! You bought me a bag with my initials?" I explained, "Honey, I guess it may look like that...but no." & the tradition of the married monogram was explained again over dinner that night as well. 
Outfit details:
Sweater: JCrew (similar)   Skirt: thrifted (similar)    Booties:  Nordstrom    Bag: MonogramArt       Hat: Top Shop  Bracelet: Shop Compliment

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