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The Beauty within Paint

Painting has always inspired me. I have loved art class since I was in elementary school, I still have my 'masterpieces' saved in my memory box. You know, the original stick figure portraits and the cascading landscape with that one big tree in the center of the page. I continued my love for art in high school and was even able to sneak in a photography class senior year. (I was thinking of being an art teacher but was somehow scared away that I wouldn't find a job... silly me). Due to a usually busy schedule, painting now is saved for days that I need to forget the day, listen to enya, and burn the best candle I own. I love the way I can be lost in a 'painting' even if that painting is rainbow polka dots that even a preschooler could do. It's the escape painting allows for my brain, my soul. An exercise to forget all of the real life stressors. zen.

I stumbled across the most beautiful watercolor artist, Caitlin McGauley. Her pieces are colorful and fun. I love how she utilizes fashion, interiors and nature within her paintings. I'll have one of each, please.

So beautiful. These make me want to pick up my paintbrushes again and get back into painting.

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