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Table Set for Christmas

 One of my absolute favorite things to do is decorate our table for dinner parties, holidays, tea parties. Nick thinks I'm crazy because I am overjoyed with excitement when I change it up. He also thinks I'm crazy because I get all anxious if he ever wants to eat on the table...which is our only table in our apartment... all I can think is my faux fur! Here is a little peek into my apartment and my holiday inspired decor, just waiting for dinner party guests! A mix of plaid, faux fur, polka dots & gold accents...oh la la! 

 Pine cones with glitter - what a perfect combination! 

 windowsill decor ;)

If you peek out the window, you can see the skyline!

We used our extra Christmas tree branches to "spruce" up our place! We added dried berries from Trader Joes, and it was the perfect winter floral arrangement. 

My favorite thing to do is add a bow to it! 

Happy holidays!  
May God bless you and your families this holiday season!


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