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We are pregnant! Maternity Photo Shoot

We really are pregnant. I can say it, think it, and most of all feel it. Every bone of my body warms when I realize that despite the hardship, we have made it.... to here. Every prayer has been ansewred. Every tear and ounce of pain and sadness is forgotten. It is almost too good to be true! After 16 months of trying to conceive, months of peeing on sticks, diet changes, a surgery, and IVF, we can officially say we are pregnant!

It is amazing to realize a tiny little embryo can turn into a tiny baby! With the use of medication and the realization of how perfect everything must be for this to work, I am in awe of how one's life begins. I know that it is not fair for those that are still fighting the infertility battle. I know my good news may bring a singe of pain into a heart of a mother that wants this more than anything. I know, because I've been there. But I also know that there is hope. We have made it through the hardest experience of our lives thus far and it was worth every single second of it. My advice to you, from a girl that, at times, felt like I couldn't do this one more day. Keep your head up, even on the days that you would rather not get out of bed. Swear your head off when that shot burns inside your belly, I promise you girl, you are strong. Pray and pray and don't give up just yet. Go on dates. Express your feelings to those that listen. Try to enjoy the simple things in life; fresh flowers, the warm air on your face, and as many chocolates as your little heart desires. I promise there is a plan for everyone. I never fully believed this then, but I do now and know this was just part of our story. 

 This experience has taught me so much. It has taught me patience, grit, hope, faith, courage, the power of prayer, extreme thankfulness for modern medicine, the realization of the amount of support from family and friends, and unconditional love shared with my husband. I share my story in hopes of helping anyone through this battle. I didn't blog about every single detail, but have shared my story with my students (I teach high school Child Development), friends, family and others that are going down the same path. I share it because I don't think we should feel ashamed. It was a long and lonely road to get where we are today and without the positive support of my infertility sisters and those that have been through this journey themselves, I would have been more lost than I already felt. If my story can give a tiny bit of hope, answer questions, help change the stigma, then I know it was worth sharing this private part of me which allowed me to be so vulnerable. It is very likely my husband and I will go through this road again for every baby, but I can whole heartily say it will  sure as hell will be worth it. I promise, to feel the little flutter of life inside my belly, that this baby is a true miracle worth it all.... 

Here are some photos from our maternity session. Photos taken by Meg Dunn Photography

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