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Baby & Toddler Gift Ideas

With Thanksgiving here, the holiday pressure is creeping up on us. Gift giving can be tough, especially when buying for all the little ones! I have rounded up our favorite items we have used for our child (who is now just over 2 1/2 years), some that we he has been loving on and others we are purchasing for him this Christmas. I have always loved recommendations from moms that have "tested" toys. As I know each child is different, I love to provide a variety of different ways to stimulate our active boy. I have divided each gift guide for age appropriateness. I am always on the hunt for toys that will allow him to play open ended, a variety of sensory experiences, or physical activity opportunities. I hope this helps guide you as you purchase items for your little loved ones. I've linked each of the items below the photo collages. Happy shopping!

18. Easel 

14. Tummy Time Mirror 


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