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Put Me Back in the Game, Coach

Have you ever stopped doing something and then it took everything in your power to start back up again? You found every excuse to not pick up your gym shoes and head to the gym or take your dog for a walk after a long day? That's what happened to me with blogging. I can hardly rationalize how is it even possible that it has been an entire year since I've last posted... so sad and disappointing. I never had a crazy blog, or one with tons of followers. I don't do it for that. I do it to express my creativity, share ideas and recipes, and to feel like I may be inspiring others to do the same. Whether it be adding a coffee bar to their home (I promise to put pics of ours soon), make yummy homemade ice cream on a hot summer day, or consider pairing clothes in a new way. That's why I love to browse through blogs so if this is something that I can do for others, I'm happy and this is all worth it.

I guess I have reasons/excuses. Let me tell you my story. It started with going to Europe for 3 weeks. No internet and a whole lot of photos to work with after returning (ah overwhelming). I started grad school. & then we moved into a house. We moved almost a year ago from the city of Chicago to the suburbs. Then all of the house projects came with it (which I need to share with all of you)! School started back up with all of the stress that comes with it. Photo shoots stopped happening, since I didn't have the best spots (like the brick wall that was perfect for a little photo op in the city outside the door of our apartment). My husband was glad. I kept my Instagram account going with selfies instead LOL. Grad work consumed my free time. My sister was getting married so I was the one planning the shower, bachlorette and lots of the wedding details on weekends. & then to top it all off, my husband and I are in the midst of fertility and that has been a roller coaster, leaving us hurt, scared for what is ahead, and closed up.

So that's the truth. Every raw and honest excuse as to why I have not taken twenty minutes in over a year to write up a post. But you know what? I've decided through this all that I have things to share. My house has been my art gallery with all of the new changes we have made to make it our own. I want to share all of my "fixer upper" inspired diy projects and flea market finds! The wedding details and events have allowed me to showcase my creative side and although the wedding is over, I don't want planning to stop (yes, I was the one that was most sad the day after Meg's wedding because it was over). I have learned calligraphy, Photoshop, I've been watercoloring, making custom invitations.. so many things that have really allowed me to feed the passion within my soul for my need to create. I'm actually continuing to style another bridal shower now as well as been hired to style a backyard East Coast wedding in August! I am excited to share on my blog the ideas when they are executed.

I'm back. I can't promise I'll be writing every day or even every week. I don't want to put that pressure on myself because I know that this is when I freak out about not fulfilling my own expectations. But I'll be more present. I missed this part of my life and I'm ready to share about this little thing called life.

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