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Cheers to Holiday Traditions Old & New

One of my favorite holiday traditions has always been heading to the tree farm to cut down a Christmas tree. For as far back as I can remember my family would head up the weekend of Thanksgiving to Harvard or Woodstock in the search for the perfect tree. This made the transition from Thanksgiving to Christmas that much more exciting, trying to celebrate Christmas as long as we possibly could! My sisters and I knew that after Thanksgiving, it was finally acceptable to only listen to Christmas music, watch the classic Christmas movies and help decorate the house with way too many holiday decorations. It was time to celebrate and take in the best time of the year. 

After getting married Nick and I decided to continue on the tradition. We actually waited until we were married to get our first real tree. We thought it would make the first Christmas together as a married couple extra special (& it did)! Nick had never cut down a tree (or doesn't remember doing so if he did) so I thought it was perfect to share one my favorite childhood memory so that we could keep them holding true for our family. We both decided that we can't wait to continue this tradition with our future children, as we observed all of the little ones  having the time of their lives, just as I did when I was a little girl. 

The weather was perfect! I was even warm in my coat and multiple layers. 50 degrees with snow on the ground, I couldn't ask for nicer weather to spend the day outdoors. && the best part about it was it allowed for a lovely photo shoot... don't mind if I do! 

Winter fashion is so much fun. Plaid, faux fur, animal print with a floppy hat on top.... a perfect marriage of fun and warmth. 

Loving my new hat from my beautiful sister! She sure knows my style. Love that girl. 


The little guy loved romping through the snow in search for the perfect tree. He was the muddiest puppy after this little outing but to him it sure was a great adventure.

&& after 2 hours of trecking through the tree farm, we finally found one! It was perfect! Nick thought I was a little nuts to spend so much time finding the perfect tree (I think we were at the farm for almost 2 hours, but it's all in the fun.  & of course well worth the wait! Thank goodness for my hubby for taking care of the hard part ;) Picking the tree is hard enough for me! We even made it home to the city 1 1/2 hours of driving with it tied on the roof of our Jeep, thanks to him. PHEW. 
(I was busy sipping my hot chocolate and apple cider donut).. 
Did I mention I love Nick and all he does for our family?

I love all of the pretties to add to my holiday decor. Swooning over all of the bows and of course fresh garland was a must to spruce up the apartment. 
We had such a great day with our little family. So much to be thankful for this holiday weekend. #selfie to document. 

Happy holidays from The Backes Family!

Scarf: H&M       Hat: DSW         Sweater: Marshalls       Jeans: Zara       Boots: Sorel      Jacket: TJMaxx

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