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Gingham with a Dash of Sparkle

Fall is my favorite time of year for fashion. Layers, fuzzy textures and a little bit of sparkle are a few of my favorite things about this season. I'm already having a blast mixing up prints, layering up pieces and adding my own splash of sparkle to my outfit choices each day. The trees changing to beautiful new hues, the smell of burnt leaves in the air and the crisp feeling of the weather getting a little chilly all remind me that autumn is one of my favorite times of the year. 

Huge thank you to my beautiful photographer Meg Dunn for capturing the photos. The use of natural light brings out the patterns and sparkle of my necklace just perfectly. Check Meg's work out here at Meg Dunn Photography


Outfit details: Necklace Piper Boutique   Gingham: J.Crew  Dress: Nordstrom  Earrings: The Left Bank


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