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This Little Thing Called Love

The best part about this story is that Nick asked me after our photo shoot if he thought we were "lovie" enough. I remember thinking, oh no, does he really think we weren't?  After hearing these words out of Nick's mouth a million thoughts raced through my mind that would make sense as to why he would say something like this. I wasn't worried that love wasn't present but worried for many other little reasons instead... 1) It has been a year of marriage, not quite the honeymoon stage anymore. 2) I did make Nick spend 3 hours on a Sunday taking photos after a 2 hour commute to the location. 3) Nick already cooperated for engagement pictures and wedding pictures and spends much of his time taking pictures of my outfits, this does not sound like something Nick would want to do. 4) I had arranged some of Nick's outfits that would be perfect for the crisp fall air (I love fall fashion) but instead it was the hottest day in late August so we were dripping with sweat the entire time. 5) We got home at 9pm and he missed an entire day of football.

Thankfully after receiving our photos, I realized despite all of the reasons we wouldn't seem "lovie" enough, you sure couldn't tell. Meg did such a great job capturing our relationship, nothing else seemed to matter (and thankfully the sweat wasn't even visible)! I love these photos and I am overjoyed that we were able to get them taken for our one year anniversary. I also love that we were able to get family portraits taken with our pup, Bear, and I surely love my husband for agreeing to do this for me. 

I realized that the pictures she captured were more than us posing for the camera. We were able to talk, laugh and enjoy each others company. We were able to allow time to stand still for the time we had together during the shoot. There was no pressure, as it wasn't our wedding photos or engagement photos that had so much anticipation wrapped up within it. Instead, this was a normal day in the lives of our marriage/our relationship. The best part was it was all captured on camera. Thanks, Meg for allowing us to remember this little thing called love. 

Photo credit: Meg Dunn at Meg Dunn Photography 
 Check out Meg's website at Meg Dunn Photography! 
She is amazing. 

P.S. I will be writing posts that share outfit deets soon :) 

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