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Cherry Pickin'

Nick and I love farm fresh food. It makes our hearts happy to support locals because we appreciate the difference they make in this world. We also love the way that fresh food tastes, knowing our bodies are smiling too. 

When vacationing in Door Country, Nick and I decided to take an afternoon to pick cherries, as cherries are very prevalent in this area. We wanted to pick our own too, more fun than buying them already picked for us! So, we drove out of the main towns into a little farm and were given a bucket and free rain to 200 acres of farm field to pick all the cherries we could. The cherries we picked were tart, so I will be getting creative in the kitchen soon to use our entire bucket of goodness. No one else was out in the cherry fields so it was really relaxing to spend time feeling the warmth of the sun while listening to sounds of nature. What a difference compared to our everyday city life in Chicago.



Skirt: TJ Maxx    Tank: Old Navy     Scarf: H&M    Purse: Kate Spade

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