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Floral Swoon

I have a new hobby! What is it you wonder....??? dun dun dun (drum roll please)... floral arrangements!!! YAY prettiness! I have always had a love for flowers. Even more so after Stephanie Robinson, my beautiful florist created the most gorgeous floral bouquet that I ever did see. See look!

So today at Trader Joes I decided to buy three different types of flowers - sunflowers, hydrangeas and yellow roses. Hard to pass up the flower aisle at Trader Joes...they even have the handy dandy little cart flower holders you attach on the side of the shopping cart. I love those!

Single strands to begin...

Meg, what do you think? Are you still thinking sunflowers for your wedding?? Swoon.

Love love love.
 So much beautiful in our apartment! The best part of flowers is smiling each time you walk by.


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  1. Seems to be a good hobby and these are really amazing floral arrangements. Few weeks ago, I had booked one of the grand San Francisco venues and arranged my cousin’s bridal shower party. Took help of a reputed florist and he did an excellent job.


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