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M is for Monogram & the Meaning Behind the Letters

 Is it more than a name?

I am obsessed with all things monogrammed. I just can't have enough of this new style all over apparel, jewelery, home decor items! I LOVE the variation of all of the fonts (I am a little obsessed with fonts). I love the femininity of the cursive, the instant fun look of the bold lettering. I love the idea of personalizing things that mean something to you. Your name is an important part of your identity, why not add it to your necklace? Isn't it true that you should love who you are? That you should be proud of what your name signifies?

That is my hope at least. I hope that I am remembered by my name for what I have done positive in this world. I hope I can make a difference that can be honored  or more so,  respected. Teaching is where I started, my childhood dream of impacting others on a daily basis. I thought I would be able to feel the difference I made each day. Sadly, that's not quite the case. Students hate the homework that you have created only to help them learn, complain about the lessons you think are great and have spent time planning for hours, and are standing by the door just waiting for the bell to ring. Not quite the difference I was hoping to make.  This is every day life. After 6 years of teaching, I have come to the realization that it isn't realistic for students to show their appreciation everyday. They don't realize they need to yet, they aren't thinking this way. They are more interested in the boy they will see in the hall next period, what they will eat for lunch and what their plans are for the upcoming weekend. I get it, I was in high school once. It just takes me awhile to remember the difference in my thoughts, maturity level and daily agenda. I just didn't think of this when I was a little girl hoping this would be the case. I thought I would stand at the door of my classroom with a smiling face (think Miss Honey in Matilda) and the students would be so grateful for the lesson planned that day.

It is my belief that many teachers could relate to this feeling.

I think back to when I was in school. Did I smile the entire lesson, letting my teacher know I appreciated the time spent to create it? Did I say "thank you for this homework"? Did I write letters or emails to my favorite teachers sharing my positive memories of the class or the difference their influence made in my life? No, I didn't and I was a goodie-two-shoes that never missed a single homework assignment. I even liked homework, believe it or not. I missed school all summer and did practice work out of workbooks to fill the void. Still, I didn't show my appreciation the way I could have. I still think, why didn't I?

Don't get me wrong teaching does have rewarding moments. Sometimes, I receive cards, emails and small gifts from special students that explain how much I have impacted their lives. This means so much. I keep all of these emails in a file folder on my computer and the cards in a binder in my desk.  It's the little things like this that remind me why I chose to become and remain a teacher. Perfect for the days that seem never ending, the monstrous stack of papers that even a glass of wine can't fix, and the few students that make me want to rip my hair out. Perfect for rainy days. 

Due to the lack of feeling rewarded, I still don't feel as though I am doing enough to make a difference. Maybe it is because the appreciation from students is very rare. Maybe it is because I need to do more. Due to the fact that I love my job, doing more is my only option (the kids won't change anytime soon). Nick and I have always wanted to do something really good for the world. We both have the desire in our heart and tickle in our belly that tells us that we are here to do bigger things with our lives. We have conversations about this about every 2 weeks but we are still on the road of figuring this out. Hopefully soon it will be more clear so that I can share it all with you.

Until then, I will wear my initials around my neck to remind myself of who I am. That my name means more than just a name. It is within my heart to prove to myself, my husband, family, my friends, my students, my community, my church, and the world that I can make a difference.  If that difference is in the classroom, at church, for my community, for those in options are unlimited! I can't wait for these good things to come.

It makes me think back to the dinner table when I was growing up. My mom asked us two things each night: 1) our favorite part of our day and 2) our good deed of the day. As a child, (or more so a middle and high schooler) I would begin sweating thinking, what did I do today that was good? Some days, I felt I was scrounging up something, anything knowing I had to share! On other days, I was so excited to share my good deed of the day because I knew I had chosen to make a difference that day. So now, it is engrained in my mind to think of good deeds each day. Thank you, mom. l always wonder, if everyone did one good deed a day or spent some of their time giving back what would this world look like? I think it would be a better place.

So hopefully I made you think, what do your initials stand for
How do they define you? 
How can you make a difference and be proud of the name that signifies you? 

&& never forget, how beautiful you are.

Be proud of your name; 1) when you entertain, as you spend time with the ones you love the most, 2) as you drink those 8 cups of water a day! 3) Right when you wake up, as you enjoy your coffee and begin thinking of what the day holds ahead. 4) At the end of the day when you sit back and relax, reflecting on your day's accomplishments. 5)Wear your name all day on your heart. <3

 I love these napkins found at Mark and Graham

Etsy has amazing finds too. Here is an adorable mug and camelback from White Elephant Monogram I ordered them both! :)

Love the femininity of these pillows and of course the gold and pink color scheme. Found these beauties on Etsy too! 
So preppy, I love it. Found from SEmbroideredBoutique



  1. Love this post! It reminds me of my favorite movie, Mr. Holland's Opus. It's a must see for any teacher. And I love that your mom asked you those questions at dinner.

    I've had my eye on that etsy pillow for a while! You have some great taste! ; )

  2. �� I loved this post. I will share it with my girls��.

  3. Thanks, Stephanie! It means so much! I have to admit, I have never seen Mr. Holland's Opus! I have heard such good things. I will have to add it to my must see list! I secretly love the questions at dinner too. More so now, that I can appreciate them for what they truly mean! I will do the same for my future little ones! :) Etsy is amazing! I just bought a few goodies on there, couldn't help myself! xo!

  4. Thank you so much Ailsa! That means so much! Thank you also for stopping to check out my blog! It's brand new, I'm in the process of working on trying to pretty it up and am still getting the hang of all it all! It was tough to start a blog, I never thought there was so much behind the scenes work, and here I thought I was a tech savy teacher! ;) I give so much credit for those that have their own blog and keep up with it! I figured baby steps will get me there :) xo!

  5. Great post! I smiled and giggled throughout! I was inspired by your story to start the good deed conversation at our dinner table. Now my kids run up to me during the day and can't wait to share them at dinner! Thank you for your impact in our home - teaching my children respect, appreciation and doing good for others!

  6. Thank you so much, Sara! That means so much to hear that! I love the good deed idea as it is a simple way to remind yourself (and your little ones) that doing good for others can be so simple! :)


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