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The Little Dress That Could

Have you ever purchased something that you thought was super cute until you got home and realized it was just ok? && then this just mediocre piece just sat on the hanger in your closet, forever. You try to find a time to wear it just so you don't feel so bad for purchasing something that you maybe should have passed on. This happens to me more than I like to admit. 

The best part is when that day does come for its debut and this little number surprises you and it is super adorable after all! This was the story behind the dress below. I couldn't believe how much cuter it was after pairing it with hot pink accessories and a little Kate Spade belt. Oh, how little bows can do so much. Thanks Kate! && then even better was the way the colors popped when photographed. What a difference this dress was when wearing it compared to blending in amongst all of the other colors and patterns in my closet. 

Hooray for little fashion surprises & hot pink bow belts! 


Dress: TJ Maxx     Belt: Kate Spade   Earrings: Kate Spade   Shoes: Steve Madden

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