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California Dreamin'

Nick and I decided to plan a trip to California for my spring break, as we both had never been there. We thought it would be best to see as much of the state as we could, in the time we had. 

Our itinerary was as follows:
Day 1 - Fly into San Francisco, get in at 11 so that we can spend the day in the city- Stay for the night. 
Day 2 - Drive to Napa Valley - check into our hotel and meet personal driver and tour guide for a 4 hour wine tour. Taste wine && more wine!
Day 3 - Spend the morning in Napa and then head to Highway 1 to take the scenic route to Carmel. Pit stop at Big Sur and a few other spots for photographs! Arrive in Carmel early evening. Dinner & drinks.
Day 4- Spend the morning in Carmel, shopping/farmers market. Head back to Highway 1 to trek down to LA. Arrive in LA evening, grab dinner. 
Day 5 - Spend the morning in Beverly Hills and the afternoon in Santa Barbara at the beach. Evening dinner and drinks in Venice Beach. 
Day 6 - Head home to sweet home Chicago.  

here are a few photos from the trip! 

Day 1 - First stop, San Francisco!

 We had to get sourdough bread in San Francisco. It was phenomenol!

 So happy to be on vacation!

Day 2 - Napa Valley 

 We loved wine tasting! 

 & farm to table fresh food!


 The market in Napa. We frequented it both days we loved it so much ;)

These were from the market and were honestly the best lattes I have ever tasted. I ordered 2 for myself, I'm not lying... take me back!

Day 3 - Road Trip to Carmel 
 We stopped at two more vineyards on our way to Carmel. This one was breathtaking!

So lush and naturalistic.

We stopped at a local bakery famous for english muffins for breakfast. We stalked all of the locals for the best hole in the wall spots!

We had to stop at the Golden Gate, of course! #tourists

The locals told us about this place too. The fremont diner. DELICIOUS.

Our road trip down highway 1 was breathtaking. We took a pit stop for lunch at Big Sur.

We made it to Carmel, a town you only see in fairytales.
Day 4 - Back on the road to LA
 I think I had a latte (or two) everyday. This one was great because it was HUGE!

Peach jam and homemade bakery treats. Amaze. 

 Everything in California was just gorgeous. So pink and vibrant!

Bye bye Carmel. We will be back soon! & for longer next time.

Day 5 - LA, Santa Monica & Venice Beach
 Hello Beverly Hills! I have waited my whole life to meet you!

 After eating breakfast and strolling down Rodeo Drive, we decided to head to Santa Monica to spend time at the beach. The winter in Chicago was unbelievably cold so we were doing anything that we could to feel a glimpse of warmth and sun.

Nick and I had such a great time together in California. We finally had a chance to spend together as best friends and as a couple. I love seeing the world and there is no one else I'd like to see it with more than my second half.

Goodbye Cali, we will forever be dreaming about the time in gorgeous California. Until we go back again...


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