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New York, New York

First trip of the summer with 22 high school students to New York City! This was my first time to NYC, I was so excited! Although it was a different trip than it would have been with my friends or husband I sure did learn a lot about the fashion industry during our week of tours.
Airport wear. Comfy and chic ready to arrive to see tour of the fashion industry! 
Blouse:  H&M     Pants: TJ Maxx

Times Square was neat & crowded! To rally 22 students through too many people was a littttttle tricky.  Selfie to capture the madness.

This is my favorite dress of the summer!  Lily Pulitzer

 Yes, we were able to tour Kleinfeld. I think I was more excited than the students!! It was so crazy to see their inventory and the tv crew setting up for a shoot. This was a definite highlight of the trip. If only I were able to visit a year earlier.... maybe for a renewal of vows ;)

 So much beauty in the city!

 For my love of architecture and design, I had to take a photo of the famous Flatiron building.

We took a stop at the Met. The stairs were a popular hit for my students that are serious Gossip Girl fans. I have to admit, I was reminiscing to episodes of my favorite show too... if they only knew ;) The Charles James Fashion Exhibit was breathtaking. I truly appreciate the art and history of fashion design and how it has translated throughout time. 

 Of course I had to try the "New York Style" pizza. It was good, but nothing compares to Chicago pizza! Sorry, New York!

A lonely selfie at the Empire State Building. Next time, Nick will be with me!!
 We spent an evening at the Empire State Building. It was beautiful to see the vastness of the city!

Any project runway fans? We were able to spend time in Mood Fabric! This is how excited I am... must be the FCS teacher in me. 

 My mother is a huge fan of Good Morning America. So, I decided to get up really early and sneak over to the studio before our tours. I was more excited than I expected to be. My mom taped it and said I was jumping up and down and waving the entire time. Here is a screenshot of my tv debut :)


Latte to end the trip. Goodbye New York. I will be back. 

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