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To Live Again

As I have been enjoying my summer off, I have realized I have been missing out on so many little things in life that have been forgotten during the school year. It is crazy to me how easily I can be wrapped up in school and only school. I have realized it has affected my relationship with my husband, my family and friends, my faith, my health/nutrition, future goals, passion, hobbies. It has kept me locked up in my apartment instead of enjoying all the city of Chicago has to offer. It has caused me to be crabby and negative. As I closed my eyes on my building's rooftop yesterday, I realized, this is not what life is about. Work is important, but it does not have to be the most important thing. It so easily consumes the best parts of life. I realized something has got to change.

Don't get me wrong, I love my job. I am entirely grateful for the many opportunities my school has allowed. I love teaching for so many reasons; I am so honored to be at such a wonderful and well known school, the rapport with my students and my coworkers is amazing, teaching such fun and important life skills feels as though I am doing good in this world. I am very fortunate for all my job has allowed me to do. I do enjoy each day in the classroom. The never ending night time and weekend work, not so much, but hey, it comes with the job. I just need to learn how to find balance with the responsibilities that come with my job and the rest of my life.

To me, teaching the past few years has been tough on my mind and body. I think it comes with the fact that I am Type A. Everything needs to be perfect and until it is, I don't quit. This mentality has worked for me and I have been very successful in the classroom but it also has caused me so much stress to get there. So much that my health was affected this year. I had never had so many doctors appointments. Each doctor sent me to the next to try to figure out what the heck was wrong with me. After too many visits, doctors and tests, nothing was determined. The crazy thing is, now that I am off for the summer, so many of the issues have lessened. To me, I believe it was due to the ongoing stress. This was when I realized, something has to be done. This is not the way to live.  I have come to realize it shouldn't be the number one priority in my life.

I am going to live each day doing something for myself. Although, typing that seems selfish, I think it is what my mind, body and soul needs to recharge. I shouldn't put my husband aside when I get home because I have to get right back to work. I shouldn't feel guilty when I want to go to yoga, despite the hours of grading ahead. I will take time on the weekends and enjoy the city. This summer, I trained and ran my first half marathon and I have come to discover I love running!  I want to run to forget the stress of my job, even if that means only for 45 minutes. I want to go to the farmers markets every Saturday and cook nutritious meals. No more processed/quick dinners because I don't have time to cook. I am going to cook whole, fresh foods. Try new recipes! I may even go out to dinner on a week night! I am going to be more faithful. Not just going to church every Sunday because it is something we 'have to do'. I want to learn more about and practice my faith on a daily basis.I want to make a bucket list and follow through with all of the fun stuff! I know it is easier said than done, but I really believe little things like this will allow me to revitalize my life.  I can't wait to refresh my outlook on life. This blog is going to be a collection of my efforts and ways of living life to the fullest. It is going to be my checklist, to keep me on track. I can't wait to begin living again.

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